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Channel Islander, Karen, writes icons in Jersey where she was born and exhibits in Jersey and France. This website showcases Karen's work. Now retired, Karen continues to persue her passion for art.
'iconspirit studios’, set up in November 2008 to fulfil Karen's passion for writing icons,.is no longer a commercial venture  


"The whole process of writing an icon is a theological journey from the bare board of the crucifixion to the luminous colours of the resurrection. The writing of icons is according to traditional techniques. These I have learnt over the years through several courses in iconography; the history of iconography, scripture and iconography and conciliar iconography. As well as practical courses; such as drawing the icon, painting, gilding and designing the icon."    


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What is an icon?

"An Icon is a sacred Christian image. It has been an important part of Christian prayer for over a thousand years in both the way it is crafted and portrayed. It is the written Word of God in visual form. The Word of God that inspires, teaches and resonates the love of God. An icon acts as a window to the Divine, we can look through it and see statements of the Christian Faith. It is an awe inspiring way of telling the 'Truths' about the Christian story for those who can read its language"


An icon is a very special piece of Christian Art.  It is prayfully hand crafted using traditional techniques and is a focus for prayer in the home and/or Church.


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"All Saints" Karen Blampied's book on the

Icons of the Twelve Parish Saints of Jersey

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2010 saw the completion of the Twelve Parish Saint Icons   Icons were created for the twelve Parish Churches of Jersey in the Channel Islands. 

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Wayne Parsons is Professor of Public Policy at Queen Mary, University of London. He has published widely in academic journals and has worked in the UK and abroad as a lecturer and consultant in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Click here for an extract from his Blog of Friday, 4 October 2013. 



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