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The Progress of the Twelve Parish Saints Icons

Karen Blampied B.Ed M.A. - Iconographer

Karen Blampied has created an icon for each of the twelve Parish Churches  of Jersey. 


This page showcases the progress of the project.  


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St Brelade

St. Clement


St. Helier  

St John  

St Lawrence 

St Martin

St Mary 

St. Ouen  

St Peter

St. Saviour


Parish Saints Icons in Preparation

Exhibition at All Saints Church December 2010


Saint Brelade

"All Saints" Karen Blampied's book

The Icons of the Twelve Parish Saints of Jersey

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Saint BrelaeSaint BrelaeSaint BreladeSaint Brelade

St. Clement
St. Clement de Pierville
This was the last of the Parish saint icons Twelve churches  - twelve icons and one amazing pilgrimage
Board with St ClementSaint Clement

Saint Martin de Tours

The young Saint Martin de Tours on his horse

Martin de ToursSaint-Martin de Grouvil work in progress

Saint Helier
The base colours

Saint Helier

St. John

Saint John of the Oaks

Initial drawing of St John of the OaksSaint John

St. Lawrence
Initial drawing of St LawrenceIcon St Lawrence
Saint Martin

Saint Martin Le Vieux

Saint Martin Le Vieux IconSaint Martin Le Vieux Icon


St. Mary
Saint Mary of the Burnt Monastery
St Mary of the Burnt MonastryAt Mary base coloursDrawing of St Mary of the Burnt Monastry
St. Ouen

Saint Ouen de Rouen

Engraving St OuenPlacing gold leaf on Icon of St Ouen

St. Peter

Saint Peter in the Dessert
Saint Peter in the DessertSt Peter
Saint Saviour

Saint Saviour de Jersey


St Martin de GrouvilKaren working on icon of Saint Saviour


The final stages.  I had my test piece icon of the Holy Trinity on exhibition at the Artists Directory Exhibition. Date: Friday, June 4, 2010 Location: Windward House.   The base colours first - I finished the painting at Trinity Church

Egg tempera is the binding medium used for the pigments. The yolk of an egg, which has the potential for life, is mixed with water and vinegar a reminder of the crucifixion. This egg and pigment mixture petrifies and becomes everlasting. The pigments have a death to life quality and are wherever possible, naturally occurring, either washed or baked clays, powdered stone and decayed metals.  From a start in Lent 2010 to completion in December 2010   

Karen working on the icon for Holy TrinityIcon Holy Trinity

Remove the white from the yolk.. The egg is mixed with the pigmentPierce the egg yolk so that you only use the contents
placing the base coatplacing a base coat of yellow ochre



Exhibition at All Saints Church December 2010

A big thank you must go to the Anglican community for welcoming me into their churches and to the parishioners of All Saints Church for hosting the exhibition.

Praise the Lord.    I have now completed the Pilgrimage visiting the Twelve ancient Parish Churches writing an icon of each of the Parish Saints.

Exhibition at All Saints Church JerseyPreparations for the Exhiibition

  Parish Saints Icons in Preparation

Gilding the Icons

Placing the gold leaf onto each of the icons. The gold represents the presence of God. 

Like God it does not tarnish, does not decay, and cannot be destroyed.

Karen working with gold leafSheet of gold leaf being put in place

Claybase for Guilding the Icons

Two main layers of clay onto the white stone surface.

First the yellow ochre clay and then the red ochre clay both earthy colours.

They form the earthly base for the gold leaf which symbolises the Glory of God.

Icons with clay base put on

Carving the word of God in Stone
Traced Image

Baptising the icon

This is the next stage of the icon making process, and my lenten journey.

The cleansing waters of Baptism smooth the surface of the board. to make it ready to carve the word of God

Karen with boardBoard being baptised

The Stone

The third Sunday of Lent and I am halfway through the gesso on the icon boards for the 12 parish saints project. The rabbit skin glue is mixed with chalk to make the gesso this is then placed onto of the shroud (material) the gesso will dry and form a stone surface on the icon board. This symbolically represents the stone that was rolled in  front of Christ's tomb.

Karen covering boardsBoards covered

The Shroud  -

The 12 parish saints icon boards are covered with material

The wood is then covered with strips of cloth - This symbolises the shroud in which the body of the Lord was wrapped. The cloth is steeped in size and laid down in strips. The size is made from rabbit skin glue and water, the death of the animal is a necessary sacrifice for the icon to be given life. Water is seen in terms of the cleansing qualities of baptism.

Karen putting on clothBoards being covered with cloth which symbolises the shroud

The Boards

What an incredible group of gentlemen who worked so hard to produce the icon boards for the 12 parish saintsT

project". - Karen Blampied

Boat Yard team


Initial Story Board of Twelve Parish Saints


Initial Story BoardStory Board