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ALL SAINTS - a book by Karen Blampied

 Karen Blampied B.Ed M.A. - Iconographer

The Twelve Parish Saints are so much part of Jersey's heritage that these Saints' names have been an integral part of Jersey's past and present, its community boundary and identity.


Jersey was the cross roads of Celtic and Roman saints.  These saints brought a warmth of spirituality to the island of Jersey; their witness is a tribute to the history of Christianity as it spreads throughout these islands.

"All Saints" recounts the legends and stories of the Saints through the language of the 'icon'. 


During 2010 Karen Blampied took a local pilgrimage, journeying through the 12 parishes of Jersey.  She spent time in each of the Parish Churches, trying to capture Jersey's 'Saintly Heritage', by writing an icon of each of the Parish Saints. 


This is Karen's first book and is something she wanted to do for Jersey - putting a visual picture together of each of the saints who are commemorated daily in Jersey speech when the parish names are mentioned.


This book is published by Jersey Heritage and sponsored by the Veronica Langlois family in memory of Fred and Mary Langlois to whom Karen extends special thanks.


 The book was launched on the 1st November - All Saints Day - and will be on sale at Waterstones and the Jersey Museum Book Shop  together with other Heritage sites and  Jersey Tourism


Please scroll down for a brief review of the launch. 


If you wish to purchase a copy directly from Karen should you not be able to go to where it is on sale, please contact her:  iconspiritstudios@gmail.com


The Book Launch took place at Jersey Museum, in the "Ouless Room", the launch was a great success and attended by over eighty people.Both Hamish Marett-Crosby and David Langlois kindly made introductory speeches


All Saints book about Parish Saints of Jersey by Karen Blampied

Karen would like to thank all those who helped with the production of the book including Mehdi Padidar for the icon photographs, Steven Achler for photographs of the Parish Churches, proof readers Gio Pollano and Angela Le Sueur, Roger Le Sueur for the photo of the statue of St Helier, Doug Ford of Jersey Heritage for his historical knowledge and Yvonne Callec for translations from French text. 

Photos taken at the launch   - Thank you Steve!

Some of the visitors to the launch

Karena and father Jeff Blampied

Just some of those who attended the launch, listening to Karen speaking

Karen with her father Jeff Blampied

David Langlois speaking

Hamish Marrett Crosby speaking

Introductory speeches

Karen signing book for Deidre Mezbourian Another book is signed

Karen signing books


Sharing a joke


Karen and father Jeff

Karen Blampied foreground, Cally Noel, David Langlois and others


Some Comments:


"It was a wonderful book launch and a lovely lot of people there you must be so happy. Congratulations on your news for next year can't wait. It was good to see your Dad he must be so proud of you."


"Well done Karen. A fabulous book launch. So lovely to see your icons. A superb book. I recommend it to everyone. Congratulations. Lovely to see you."


"So glad the launch was such a success Karen. The number of people attending was impressive! You had some excellent speakers too