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The Icon of the Sacred Heart

Karen Blampied B.Ed M.A. - Iconographer


This is the crafting of the Icon of the Sacred Heart. 

Karen is artist-in-residence at the Church of the Sacred Heart in St Aubin.  All are welcome to visit the Church and see the painting of the icon starting Sunday 10th June 10.30am to 4.30pm each day until Saturday 16th June. 

These different stages have been completed over several months. — in Jersey, United Kingdom.

Please scroll down the page to follow the development of the icon.

The Icon of the Sacred Heart June 2012
First layer of base colours Base coat first layer The faces will be painted today, 16th June and the icon of the Sacred Heart will be blessed at the 6pm mass. Icon of Sacred Heart in Jersey Nearly finished
First day in the Church First day in the Church Just applying the base colours Base colours
The gold leaf is applied to the icon board

Application of gold leaf

The Sacred Heart St Brelade and St Aubin

The icon covered with the gold leaf

Red clay symbolises the earth

The clay applied

Gold is a symbol of the presence of God

The golf leaf application commences

Tracing the design onto the icon board

Tracing the design

The design is carved into the surface of the gesso Design carved onto gesso surface

The initial preparation the wood is covered in material.


The material

The icon board covered with gesso


Board covered with gesso

The original wood for the icon


The board

The design of the icon of the Sacred Heart


The design