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The Saint Thomas Icon

Karen Blampied B.Ed M.A. - Iconographer


June 2012

Work has started on the icon of St Thomas.  I will be Artist in Residence at St Thomas Church from 25 June to 1 July 2012


Please scroll down the page to follow the development of the icon.

Icon painted

  Close up of icon

The icon of Saint Thomas will be blessed at the 6pm mass on July 3rd the feast day of Saint Thomas

Setting up at St Thomas Church


Icon arriving at the church

Setting up at St Thomas Church

  This is how the icon arrived at St Thomas' Church

  Gold leaf applied

Start of Gold Leaf application


Gold Leaf is applied to the icon

Sketch of St Thomas transferred to icon


Red clay applied

Transferring the image


Red clay acts as a cushion for the gold leaf.

It is a symbol of the earth

33 layers of gesso


Stone surface of icon

33 layers of gesso one for each year of Christ's life


 The stone surface becomes the stone rolled in front of the tomb of Christ

Recycled pew


The Saint Thomas icon is on a recycled pew from Trinity Church.  This is the reverse side of the icon board the pattern already existed on the pew


The symbolism of the shroud, I use cotton gauze


Draft annotated sketch   Final Drawing