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Skipton Open Studios

Karen is taking part in

Skipton Open Studios 2016.

Her St Lawrence studio will be open to the public on 26th June and then 2nd and 3rd July between 10.00 am and 17.00 pm.

"Iconspirit Studios is in the heart of the St Lawrence countryside. The studio is found within my little cottage, so please phone before visiting, so I can put the kettle on. The main focus of my work is iconography.
An icon is a very special piece of art within the Christian tradition. Each icon is prayerfully hand crafted using traditional techniques. Since the icon is a focus of prayer both at home and in the church, it is a unique spiritual gift for special people, special places and special occasions. At Iconspirit Studios the whole process of writing icons is a theological journey from the bare wood of the Crucifixion to the luminous colours of the Resurrection.
On rare occasions I do produce and sell other pieces of my art work. This year I have managed to complete a few of these so do visit my studio. I am also working on a few major projects and an exciting exhibition for 2017."





Karen took  part in the Spice Exhibition  which is an Arts and Music Festival held annually at Grouville Common, Jersey.

Dates and times:

Saturday 12th September 10am-7pm
Sunday 13th September 10-6pm
FREE ADMISSION www.spicejsy.com/



Prints - Karen decided to sell a range of prints which are copies of her original icons.  The prints are on permanent display at the Harbour Gallery, St. Aubin, Jersey.



Monday 16th September to Saturday 21st September 2013

St. Matthew's Church, Coin Varin

To follow progress of icon click here


8th to 13th April 2013

Assumption Church in Gorey

Our Lady of the Annunciation and the Japanese Martyrs

To see making of the icon click here




Icons of the Saints within the Roman Catholic Church


Each of the Catholic Churches is dedicated to a different saint.


12th to18th March 2012

St Patrick's Church

To see the creation of the icon of St Patrick click here

La Grande Route de St Clement, Samares, St. Clement


17th March St Patrick http://www.catholicchurch.org.je/

10.00 to 4.30 each day


June 2012

Sacred Heart

To see the creation of the icon of the Sacred Heart click here

La Neuve Route, St Brelade


Genuine Jersey http://www.genuinejersey.com/


25 June to 1 July 2012

St Thomas

To see the creation of icon of St Thomas click here

17 Val Plaisant, St Helier


8 to15 August 2012

Our Lady of the Assumption

To see the creation of the icon of Our Lady of the Assumption click here

Gorey Village, Gorey,


16th to 20th October 2012

St Thomas - Icon of John Paul II

To see the creation of the Icon of John Paul II click here

St Thomas Church

17 Val Plaisant, St Helier