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The Saint Patrick Icon

Karen Blampied B.Ed M.A. - Iconographer



18th March 2012

The icon of St Patrick was blessed at St Patrick's Church. It made such a difference being artist-in-residence in the church community which is dedicated to the Saint. Making the Saint visible for a worshipping community is very powerful, people become very passionate about their Saint and his place in their church. Patrick himself, was a zealous missionary, passionate about his Christian faith, he has such an incredible story and legend


Please scroll down the page to follow the development of the icon.

The Icon of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick Icon Completed  17th March 2012

St Patrick detail of face



Day 3 at St Patrick's church.

Saint Patrick colours develop



Day 2  
St Patrick's icon . Today I worked on the second paint layer and the annotated sketch

Annotated sketch

Had at least 20 people showings an interest. + the JEP photographer - look out for the faith page at the weekend.


Monday 12th March St Patrick's Church.  First Day
First day as artist-in-residence at St Patrick's Church.

Base colours

"incredible interest and suprise especially when i explain the theological meaning"

Starting base colours
Started placing the base colours. Icon prepared for base colours Working in St Patrick's Icon covered with gold leaf and ready for base colours

The icon is covered with gold leaf

Icon covered with gold leaf

The gold leaf on the icon is brushed to give a smooth finish. the gold represents the glory of God

Gold leaf brushed on to the icon

The red clay is covered in gold size and left for 24hrs.

Red clay drying

The gold leaf is placed on the red clay. This represents the presence of God placed on the earth.

Gold leaf is placed on to the icon

Applying the last coat of red clay

Drawing of the Saint Patrick icon

Drawing of the icon

A layer of yellow clay is placed on the icon, a base for the gold.

A red clay is then placed on top. This symbolises the earth. On to this will be placed the gold leaf

The icon board is now ready for the image to be incised into the surface of the stone. The word of god is written in Stone for eternity.

The image of St Patrick is then ready for the next stage of the spiritual exercise of creating the icon.

The wooden board is then covered with natural material. This symbolises the shroud of Christ.

The icon board is then covered with stone. This is a mixture of chalk and rabbits skin glue. The stone symbolises the the stone rolled in front of the tomb of christ

Board covered with stone

Description of the different images within the design of the icon. the spiritual flow lines enable the eye to read the icon.

The wood which is hollowed out in the centre to symbolise an altar on which to write the word of God. The wood symbolises the wood of the cross